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12 July, 2017



04 April, 2017

medicinal mushrooms

13 October, 2016

a blot of sun

1. La Plage by Maison Balzac & Matteau
3. Botanique Plant Pot by Bolia
4. City Guide Copenhagen by Wallpaper*
5. Large Flowerpot by COSxHAY
6. Cyros by Cire Trudon

"In its aromatic citrus garden, the sunny Cyrnos villa welcomed the flamboyant upper crust of early-20th century high society. Queens, poets and artists met in the shade of fig trees and parasol pines. They enjoyed a fabulous view and the easy life so typical of the blue Mediterranean shores. The villa benefited from Roquebrune’s air of scented lavender mixed with the dry aromas of Provence."

to be human

1. Crowd Candle Holder by New Works
3. Agnes Martin from COS
4. Marble Wall Clock by Menu
5. Ben Ourain Carpet from Sukhi
6. "Patrician" Decanter by Lobmeyr

02 September, 2016

jeans & the pointed toe combo

Vintage Manolo Blahnik's are high on the list right now.

07 August, 2016

mountain rose

"I'm a huge believer in the health benefits of tea. I get my loose teas and herbs from Mountain Rose and make a few pots a day of whatever I'm feeling like—green tea always, spearmint for acne, dandelion root for hangovers, the list goes on."
- Lauren Belfoy on Into the Gloss (x)

22 July, 2016


14 July, 2016

a new wine generation

“The reason I got into this,” Turin will say, “is that I started collecting perfume. I’ve loved perfume from when I was a kid in Paris and Italy.”
Or maybe (he’ll tell you another day, considering it from a different angle), maybe it was “because I’m French, at least by upbringing. Frenchmen will do things Anglo men won’t, and France is a country of smells. There’s something called pourriture noble. Noble rot. It’s a fungus. It grows on grapes, draws the water out, concentrates the juice wonderfully, adds its own fungal flavor, and then you make wines like the sweet Sauternes. Paradise. From rotten grapes. The idea that things should be slightly dirty, overripe, slightly fecal is everywhere in France. They like rotten cheese and dirty sheets and unwashed women."
- The Emperor of Scent, by Chandler Burr (x)

florence welch: my first apartamento

23 February, 2016

things i don't want to know, by deborah levy


"That spring when life was hard and I was at war with my lot and simply couldn't see where there was to get to, I seemed to cry most on escalators at train stations."

"When happiness is happening it feels as if nothing else happened before it, it is a sensation that happens only in the present tense."

"A female writer cannot afford to feel her life too clearly. If she does, she will write in a rage when she should write calmly." (x)

She writes of herself and the mothers she knew at the school gate as "shadows of our former selves, chased by the women we used to be before we had children. We didn't really know what to do with her, this fierce, independent young woman who followed us about…" (x)