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27 June, 2014

a wishlist & recent purchases

A wishlist & recent purchases:
  1. Bella Freud Jumper: Obsessed with this Bella Freud jumper right now. The Ginsberg is God jumper is, of course, a true classic ever since being worn by Kate Moss to Claridge's White Tea and Diamonds tea party back in 2003. I am leaning more towards the Je t'aime Jane jumper, though, as seen on Alexa Chung.

  2. Eyeko liquid eyeliner: Ever since seeing Alexa do her eye make-up in one of Lisa Eldridge's videos with some of the products she designed for Eyeko, I've been lusting after the liquid eyeliner. And luckily...

  3. Net-A-Porter Beauty Box: ...the lovely people of Net-A-Porter put the eyeliner, together with some other rad stuff, into their very own Net-A-Porter beauty box. One product that's also in the box & I've been  desperately wanting to try is the Verso Day Cream. Seems like lately every magazine has been saying that Retinol is the be-all and end-all ingredient of skin products. I received the box in the mail yesterday & can't wait to properly test all the products in it over the next couple of days.

  4. Equipment silk top: This white Equipment silk top walks the line between stylish and comfy wonderfully. And I just bought another Equipment blouse & love it so much already simply because washed silk feels ridiculously nice on the skin.

  5. Gucci loafers: Now I know Gucci loafers come across as a bit bourgeois and even have a whiff of the Sloane about them, but Géraldine Saglio and Charlotte Casiraghi certainly manage to make them look cool. I off-handedly tried them on in the store the other day & wasn't expecting to, but immediately had to have them.

  6. Giorgio Armani foundation: I need new foundation soon &  am very much feeling this Giorgio Armani foundation at the moment. It's part of The Violet Files beauty edit, so I am assuming it's not too shabby.
"At the still point of the turning world…there the dance is."
T.S. Eliot (x)

23 June, 2014



Love what Stefano Pilati is bringing to the house.
A little help from Dree Hemingway doesn't hurt, of course.

"I'm also working on a seasonless concept, to give some [primarily] wintry fabrics a summer feeling. So I wanted to snub the conventional luxury of crocodile and use it in a summer look that the Agnona woman would wear to ride her scooter or drive her convertible to the village to buy suntan lotion or groceries or whatever. Luxury, for me, must have that over-the-top attitude but be effortless at the same time. That's what feels chic to me."
Stefano Pilato in talks with Tim Blanks (x)

22 June, 2014

ancient greek sandals

Very much in love with these Ancient Greek Sandals right now. Especially the middle pair - seeing as how chic a similar pair looks on Columbine Smille. Can already see myself strolling around Santorini or Portofino in them - that is, if that was where I was going this summer. Which, sadly I am not. But let's move on...

The Greek shoe manufacturer just started offering a monograming service, which adds such a wonderfully cool touch to the whole sandal business, don't you think?! Plus, look at that supple & truly pitch black leather - think I might have to get some the next time money meets up with my bank account again.

“Happy is the man, I thought, who, before dying, has the good fortune to sail the Aegean sea.” 
Nikos Kazantzakis,  Zorba the Greek (x)

19 June, 2014

a highland friendship

  1. The country house and the English novel, by Blake Morrison
  2. The Downton bill is for all daughters, by Liza Campbell (sister of Lord Cawdor) who is campaigning for girls born into aristocracy being able to inherit: "Whatever their walk of life, no daughter deserves to be treated as secondary to her brothers."
  3. In the Land of Macbeth, by Rita Konig. As Isabella Cawdor puts it: "We had a chance to live anywhere on the estate and why choose something tame when there is all this?"
  4. Meet Me in Montauk, shot by Bruce Weber, featuring Jean Campbell (daughter of Lord & Lady Cawdor)
  5. The woman who put the Highlands in Vogue, by Nicola Jeal on Isabella Cawdor: "'What I can't stand is country "lite". I would hate to live in chintzy Wiltshire. I love the extreme wilderness.' The ex-Voguette, however, hasn't exactly swapped her Manolo Blahniks for Wellington boots - a pair of zebra-print stilettoes with mud on the heels sit by the kitchen door."
  6. England Made Them, by Christopher Hitchens | A Portfolio of England's Eccentrics, by Tim Walker featuring Lady Isabella Cawdor
  7. Stella Tennant's lovely home.
  8. Accompanying video to this story can be viewed here.
  9. For anyone in need of a Scotland fix, Outlander is premiering August 9. 

  10. (x)

18 June, 2014



Big sweeping windows, loads of light & rather interesting touches, like a bathtub full of weeds, here and there. This apartment feels like it would very much invite and welcome you to sit down. Look around, take a closer look. A bit scruffed up & not altogether perfect, in human form this apartment would most likely be your rosy-cheeked younger cousin. 

The place certainly doesn't seem run of the mill, but rather very individual & also very light-hearted. Yes, maybe it's the kind of place to wear its heart on its sleeve, but it very much likes to have a laugh. This is a place, after all, with a cement cast of a dog up on the armoire. It's very Pippi Longstocking in that way.

And no wonder! - Sibylle Oellerich, the lady responsible for this jewel of an apartment, is an interior design whose job it is to create "one-of-a-kind creations for shops, hotels, and film sets."

I am especially enamoured with the wooden floors in combination with all the white furniture & the occasional pink touches. The wallpaper & bedsheet in the second picture remind me of vacations spent at my grandmother's house in the country.

It's such a charming, breezy place - I am super in love.

"'Anyway, I've got too many books to read and auction houses to visit to worry about keeping my house immaculate. How does the saying go? "A perfectly kept house is the sign of a misspent life."'"
Katharina Flohr in UK Harper's Baazar, July 2014

11 June, 2014

narciso rodriguez resort 2015


09 June, 2014

marina london: an instagram favorite


Clean, but lively.
London, full of life & vivacity.
London with a spring in its step - and what a watercolor of a town.
How sweet the morning air!

A Settler & an Elegy.

“Let us not speak, for the love we bear one another — 
Let us hold hands and look.” 
 She such a very ordinary little woman; 
 He such a thumping crook;   But both, for a moment, little lower than the angels 
 In the teashop’s ingle-nook.
In A Bath Teashop, by John Betjeman (x)

08 June, 2014


She was like milk - too pale, too pure, too simple. She was made to be spoiled.
Fingersmith, by Sarah Waters

07 June, 2014

clare richardson & josh olins

The combination of Clare Richardson (styling) & Josh Olins (photography) has been a favorite recently.
Though Clare Richardson has a place in my heart, in her own right. She's featured in this month's Vogue Paris & I can't wait to get my hands on it.

Anyway, between the two of them they perfectly play to that whole The Wall & The Line style aesthetic.
Pared down casual opulence, that has a soft side, while still remaining quite minimal. Mostly, the clothes consist of refined luxe basics that will comfortably take you from the office to private, languorous pastimes. They are nonchalant and functional at the same time. Shows of adornment are kept to a bare minimum.

The girls themselves are cool, yet sensitive. Approachable. Very Nordic in that way.
Probably listen to Lykke Li and Tove Lo a lot.

(x) | (x) | (x

"Haute casual, supremely executed and understated useful separates, is pure anti-fuss."
Haute Casual, by Sarah Harris for Vogue UK (x)

06 June, 2014

pieces of journalism part iv

Lauren Hutton and Robert Redford in Little Fauss and Big Halsy (1970)

What I enjoyed reading this week:

  1. What Would Tracey Emin's Bed Look Like Today?, by Sophie Cullinane with lovely photographs by Sophie Davidson
  2. Women in Old Films Who Look Like Now is a slideshow that's right up my alley
  3. Tavi Gevinson's June Editor Letter for Rookie Magazine calling for action: "This month is about living in the moment in that way that only seems possible in the summer."
  4. Patti Smith's introduction to the newly re-published Astragal, by Albertine Sarrazin: "Perhaps it is wrong to speak of oneself while writing of another, but I truly wonder if I would have become as I am without her. Would I have carried myself with the same swagger, or faced adversity with such feminine resolve, without Albertine as my guide? Would my young poems have possessed such a biting tongue without Astragal as my guidebook?"
  5. Ryan McGinley: The Most Important Photographer in America, by Alice Gregory, who herself was featured in a lovely Waiting for Saturday post
  6. In Praise of Selfies, by Casey N. Pep: "In the digital age, the rise of selfies parallels the rise of memoir and autobiography. Controlling one’s image has gone from unspoken desire to unapologetic profession, with everyone from your best friend to your favorite celebrity laboring to control every word, every pixel of himself or herself that enters the world. Self-portraiture is one aspect of a larger project to manage our reputations."
  7. How Getting Rejected by the Cutest Boy in School Totally Changed My Life, by Carlye Wisel: "When you don't get the results you want, it feels like everyone can see through you, watching your failure radiate from your entire being."

04 June, 2014

linn hägglund


 Not to get all territorial, but I've adored Linn Hägglund since back when she was Linn Gustafsson. Back when she was the original Scandi blogger, but then completely vanished from the internet's surface. I was so pleased to hear that she's joined Elin Kling's (her best friend) The Wall as contributing editor.
Can't wait to see more of her, her sunny demeanour & all those cool girl clean lines she's into.