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01 June, 2014

whistles and bells


Super obsessed with the Whistles Lookbook right now. Definitely stole a copy of their S/S 2014 journal from their Amsterdam outpost, when I was there over the weekend even though I didn't buy anything. Whoops.

I am gobbling up this whole '90s fashion revival ladida so much right now.
It's a shame I threw away my Vans and Adidas Stan Smith - would totally wear again right now.

Also, rediscovered No Doubt the other day and Gwen Stefani's attitude in this video is my everything.

"As raw as the images look, they constitute just another fashion fantasy, this one a newly pervasive fantasy of reality. Even if bruises, scars and underarm hair show, the models are still there to sell something.

''What we're seeing is a collective attraction to something that seems to symbolize, in quotes, reality,'' said Ingrid Sischy, the editor of Interview magazine and the former photography and fashion critic for The New Yorker. ''But of course, reality is more complicated than that. Not all reality is a bruise. Reality can also be a sunny day.'' (...) 

 While the models in the photos offer a corrective to the airbrushed curb-jumping supermodel, there is still a sense that they represent an unreachable esthetic, chosen for looking raw or unsocialized, which is not how most real people look, either. But the look is, Mr. Wakefield said, ''heading for some kind of humanism that hasn't been conspicuously present in fashion photography.'' 
'90s Attitude, Visual and Raw, by Amy M. Spindler (x)

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Human Racing

I'm really liking the color combinations in these, especially white + camel and navy + ivory. It's such a shame you got rid of your vans though - a few too many designers are essentially trying to sell Vans copycats for 10x the price of the originals :|


God, I know. It's definitely a lesson - of course, my mother always said that certain things come back in fashion, but I didn't expect it to happen quite so soon, haha :)

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