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19 June, 2014

a highland friendship

  1. The country house and the English novel, by Blake Morrison
  2. The Downton bill is for all daughters, by Liza Campbell (sister of Lord Cawdor) who is campaigning for girls born into aristocracy being able to inherit: "Whatever their walk of life, no daughter deserves to be treated as secondary to her brothers."
  3. In the Land of Macbeth, by Rita Konig. As Isabella Cawdor puts it: "We had a chance to live anywhere on the estate and why choose something tame when there is all this?"
  4. Meet Me in Montauk, shot by Bruce Weber, featuring Jean Campbell (daughter of Lord & Lady Cawdor)
  5. The woman who put the Highlands in Vogue, by Nicola Jeal on Isabella Cawdor: "'What I can't stand is country "lite". I would hate to live in chintzy Wiltshire. I love the extreme wilderness.' The ex-Voguette, however, hasn't exactly swapped her Manolo Blahniks for Wellington boots - a pair of zebra-print stilettoes with mud on the heels sit by the kitchen door."
  6. England Made Them, by Christopher Hitchens | A Portfolio of England's Eccentrics, by Tim Walker featuring Lady Isabella Cawdor
  7. Stella Tennant's lovely home.
  8. Accompanying video to this story can be viewed here.
  9. For anyone in need of a Scotland fix, Outlander is premiering August 9. 

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4 Kommentarer:


A well pulled together post. I love your taste in things. I definitely will go through each link. I might be in Austria later this year. Can I contact you then to meet up for a coffee or something?


@Joy: Oh yes, definitely :) I would love to meet up. Just let me know on here or write me a mail: christinadtz@gmail.com


Great links as always!! Anglophiles always need to stick together, I love how much our tastes collide. I remember reading an article on stella tennant in vogue uk where she went around to scottish fashion manufacturers and talked to them. I love how passionate she is about her country and her home. It's inspiring!

Hey speaking of.. have you seen the cath kidston house spread in vogue uk? from a few years ago? x


@Hannah: I definitely remember reading & loving that article, as well. And no, I haven't seen the Cath Kidston spread, but will go hunt it down right now!

And God, yeah - our tastes seem to collide a lot :)

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