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06 September, 2014

dior homme

This is everyone's dream life, right? Running around New York to the background sound of Led Zeppelin's Whole Lotta Love. Fooling around with a guy - a mix between Jean-Paul Belmondo and James Dean - in an elevator. And just generally pretending to be in a modern-day French New Wave movie, all the while "dressing normally". Or as put in one of the other David Fincher for GAP ads, this is "the uniform of rebellion and conformity".

Be that as it may, Camille Rowe ticks all the boxes in this ad. Breton stripes, a white cotton shirt, a ballerina skirt, cotton undies, the obligatory cigarette, simple black flats, the boyfriend's Dior manteau and a red lipstick. Et voilà! The perfect Parisienne wardrobe. That is, if life consisted solely out of frolicking around with Robert Pattinson in bed.