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28 August, 2014

the cosmopolitans: chapter one

in love lately

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  1. Absolutely adored this French romcom: 20 ans d'ecart (It Boy)

  2. Also completely over the moon about The Hundred-Foot Journey - next-level food porn. Charlotte Le Bon is so darling - she looks like the most perfect Bal Crillon débutante. Loved her in Yves Saint Laurent and The Stroller Strategy as well.

  3. Want, want, want all of the above.

  4. Marina Korosh has only written two articles for (the newly refurbished) Vogue.com & I am already in love. Thankfully babygurl has her own blog all about dating à la francaise to peruse.

  5. "‘Our Little Secret’ pulls inspiration from The Virgin Suicides, glow-in-the-dark stars on the ceiling, Britney Spears, The Craft, and the Knife." Listen here.

  6. The most perfect of playlists - like a groovier pick-a-Woody-Allen-movie soundtrack.

  7. Not prepared to let go of summer just yet (mainly because it was over before it began), but these 8 Classic Fall Films should help me transition.

  8. In love lately with: Charlotte Rampling, Carine Roitfeld's Irreverent, Daphne Javitch, Camille Rowe, Reformation, The Edit, Ashley Olsen, Charlotte Le Bon

27 August, 2014

daphne javitch: founder of ten undies

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"I love simplicity, and I joke that TEN are like 1970’s babysitters’ underwear. I always think of all those pictures of Jane Birkin in her full-set underwear and see-through dresses. I also wanted to make the perfect pair of navy blue underwear–I always say a true navy begs the question of, ‘Is it black?’ … "

Basically, the TEN line is very nostalgic and inspired by my spirit and style icons from the 60’s and 70’s: Joan DidionGoldie HawnDiane KeatonAnna KarinaRomy SchneiderShelley Duvall… I would be friends with all of those women. They, for me, capture a kind of sexiness that is playful and intelligent, mischievous and straight-forward, and just natural. Being natural is so sexy to me.

I had sent my crush a pair of white cotton undies in the mail, so when I was trying to think of packaging ideas, my best friend said, ‘you should package them in an envelope.’ We created this packaging that is supposed to feel nostalgic and romantic. … You would be surprised how much guys like a pair of white cotton undies."
Daphne Javitch (x)