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27 August, 2014

daphne javitch: founder of ten undies

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"I love simplicity, and I joke that TEN are like 1970’s babysitters’ underwear. I always think of all those pictures of Jane Birkin in her full-set underwear and see-through dresses. I also wanted to make the perfect pair of navy blue underwear–I always say a true navy begs the question of, ‘Is it black?’ … "

Basically, the TEN line is very nostalgic and inspired by my spirit and style icons from the 60’s and 70’s: Joan DidionGoldie HawnDiane KeatonAnna KarinaRomy SchneiderShelley Duvall… I would be friends with all of those women. They, for me, capture a kind of sexiness that is playful and intelligent, mischievous and straight-forward, and just natural. Being natural is so sexy to me.

I had sent my crush a pair of white cotton undies in the mail, so when I was trying to think of packaging ideas, my best friend said, ‘you should package them in an envelope.’ We created this packaging that is supposed to feel nostalgic and romantic. … You would be surprised how much guys like a pair of white cotton undies."
Daphne Javitch (x)

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