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14 August, 2014

the intense feeling


Bringing back some oldies, but goodies: 
  1. Tavi Gevinson on being a teenager: “I will try to hold on to the intense feeling. I will both be glad that that’s no longer happening and kind of miss it. When you’re 14, you’re basically on drugs all the time—the hormones in your body are so crazy. But I really loved and appreciated the intensity of that."
  2. The Death of Nine to Five Dressing: "When Ingrid Verner put out her AW13 range Work, Sleep she was inspired by the generation of cool kids who were literally working from bed. The silky pajama like fabrics and loose yet sophisticated cuts were an instant hit, and in no time it-girls were strolling from home to meetings in shapes usually reserved for the bedroom. "
  3. I'm Gonna Need You To Fight Me On This: How Violent Sex Helped Ease My PTSD
  4. My Mademoiselle Summer: "I imagined a group of young women in chic little outfits striding across marble office-building lobbies, and going out at night for drinks with Yale men, to whom they might lose their virginity."
  5. The Word ‘Curate’ No Longer Belongs to the Museum Crowd: "It doesn’t really bother me,” she said of the trend. “Actually, I’m hoping its popularity will spawn a reality television show — maybe ‘Top Curator’? ”

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