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21 April, 2014

the tiredness of rosabel

Cabbages & Roses feels like the line of someone who has read I, Capture the Castle one too many times - in a good way. (And also completely understandable.) It's that whole scruffy dusted-down-from-the-attic attitude. Put another way - these clothes are the equivalent of nostalgic comfort food (see: bread and butter pudding, mashed potatoes etc.) 

There are easy summer dresses for wearing on the beach, sailor sweaters limply thrown over, palace coats hiding gingham dresses & Hunter's for stomping through the Midlands. It's such a clichéd view of what we outsiders would like to think Cornwall and its female inhabitants, for example, to be like, but the pictures are all the sweeter for it. 


"The real Rosabel got up from the floor and undressed slowly, folding her clothes over the 
back of a chair. She slipped over her head her coarse, calico nightdress, and took the pins
out of her hair—the soft, brown flood of it fell round her, warmly. Then she blew out the 
candle and groped her way into bed, pulling the blankets and grimy “honeycomb” quilt 
closely round her neck, cuddling down in the darkness..."
The Tiredness of Rosabel, by Katherine Mansfield (x)

15 April, 2014

diy results: mise en dior tribal earrings & earcuff

Tried to recreate two earring trends that have popped up lately with the help of two wonderful DIYs:

Now, before you judge - the earcuff I did in less than a minute. I saw the video, noticed that I had all the tools at home (16-year old me loved making jewellery for her poor family) & tried my hand at it. Mind you, it's super far from perfect (which is kind of why I like it), but I think I'll buy some golden wire and try again once the weekend and with it more time and patience rolls around.

The Mise en Dior tribal earrings turned out alright in my opinion, except for the fact that everyone except my mom seems to hate them. Best comment so far: "It looks like you have a wart behind your ear." So much for that. For everyone who doesn't have the tools to recreate the pearl earrings at home, you can order a pearl tool kit over here.

"Mistakes and imperfections evoke an emotional response. That's what I'm after. That's what art is all about."
Isamaya Ffrench in i-D Magazine Spring 2014

13 April, 2014


"She is 77 years old and dresses always in black—black blouse and black jeans, never a skirt, never a dress. She wears her hair in a large bun, like a crown, and styles the hair herself. She applies her own makeup."

"On the screen the world discovered a young woman with a swan’s neck, a luscious figure, and an ostentatious bouffant who combined youth, sex, flirtatiousness, insolence, and grace, all wrapped up in a bewildering nonchalance—a heady mix. She was a new kind of blonde bombshell, a phenomenon that a world still recovering from the nightmare of war didn’t quite know it was waiting for." (x)

04 April, 2014

outfit post no. 1

(Yes, that are postcards of a bunch of dead royals in the background. History nerd alert.)

Going out tonight & decided to class it up.
Actually switched to a much simpler black skirt in the end, but was too lazy to take pictures again.
It's up on Instagram though. 
Kept the make-up quite simple (also up on Instagram) - just a matte red lippie with a bit of Le Volume de Chanel mascara. 

Songs listened to while getting ready: Air Ballon & Fancy.

Lace shirt ∞ Zara | Skirt ∞ Bardot | Shoes ∞ Vigneron | Clutch ∞ Calvin Klein Collection | Watch ∞ Seiko | Ring ∞ Pierre Carron | Necklace ∞ tiny boutique in Singapore