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04 April, 2014

outfit post no. 1

(Yes, that are postcards of a bunch of dead royals in the background. History nerd alert.)

Going out tonight & decided to class it up.
Actually switched to a much simpler black skirt in the end, but was too lazy to take pictures again.
It's up on Instagram though. 
Kept the make-up quite simple (also up on Instagram) - just a matte red lippie with a bit of Le Volume de Chanel mascara. 

Songs listened to while getting ready: Air Ballon & Fancy.

Lace shirt ∞ Zara | Skirt ∞ Bardot | Shoes ∞ Vigneron | Clutch ∞ Calvin Klein Collection | Watch ∞ Seiko | Ring ∞ Pierre Carron | Necklace ∞ tiny boutique in Singapore

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