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06 August, 2014

coperni femme

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The designer duo behind Coperni Femme, Sebastien Meyer & Arnaud Vaillant, recently won the French ANDAM Award and look like France's answer to Lazaro Hernandez & Jack McCollough of Proenza Schouler fame. Except theirs is a collection of  "streamlined fusion of classic French design and futuristic construction—think Gattaca and Ghesquière." (x) And with Lolita Jacobs as une sorte de consultante, muse & model, I very much hope they achieve their goal of making Coperni Femme the new French name.

We started from a very neutral place with this collection, no crazy backstory or particular inspiration. Instead we really wanted to create a beautiful wardrobe of women’s clothing that has a ‘Parisienne’ soul even if we both come from the south of France.
Sebastien Meyer, co-founder of Coperni Femme (x)


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