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06 June, 2014

pieces of journalism part iv

Lauren Hutton and Robert Redford in Little Fauss and Big Halsy (1970)

What I enjoyed reading this week:

  1. What Would Tracey Emin's Bed Look Like Today?, by Sophie Cullinane with lovely photographs by Sophie Davidson
  2. Women in Old Films Who Look Like Now is a slideshow that's right up my alley
  3. Tavi Gevinson's June Editor Letter for Rookie Magazine calling for action: "This month is about living in the moment in that way that only seems possible in the summer."
  4. Patti Smith's introduction to the newly re-published Astragal, by Albertine Sarrazin: "Perhaps it is wrong to speak of oneself while writing of another, but I truly wonder if I would have become as I am without her. Would I have carried myself with the same swagger, or faced adversity with such feminine resolve, without Albertine as my guide? Would my young poems have possessed such a biting tongue without Astragal as my guidebook?"
  5. Ryan McGinley: The Most Important Photographer in America, by Alice Gregory, who herself was featured in a lovely Waiting for Saturday post
  6. In Praise of Selfies, by Casey N. Pep: "In the digital age, the rise of selfies parallels the rise of memoir and autobiography. Controlling one’s image has gone from unspoken desire to unapologetic profession, with everyone from your best friend to your favorite celebrity laboring to control every word, every pixel of himself or herself that enters the world. Self-portraiture is one aspect of a larger project to manage our reputations."
  7. How Getting Rejected by the Cutest Boy in School Totally Changed My Life, by Carlye Wisel: "When you don't get the results you want, it feels like everyone can see through you, watching your failure radiate from your entire being."

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