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25 May, 2014

tth blooms


Taylor Tomasi-Hill is killing it on Instagram. Adore her mixture of grown-up preppy with a '90s touch. Adore her Adidas Stan Smith's (Who didn't own a pair of these back in the day? Answer: no one.) and her neon slip-ons. Dare I say she is a kind of grungier, cooler Carrie Bradshaw in all her daring fashion combos?! Anyway - adore that she opened up her own flower business & the Instagram account that comes along with it.

"After I left Moda [Operandi], I started meeting with people, and as a thank you I would make miniature floral arrangements for a more personal touch. All of a sudden, I hear that Honor Brodie [the creative director at Tory Burch] and others were passing on my information, and I was getting requests for my blooms. It's something I love and I found it quite therapeutic."
Taylor Tomasi-Hill (x)

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Do we have any idea who makes the most excellent trench and neon slip-on's? Obsessed, too!! - Heather

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