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23 May, 2014

the stella mccartney beckett

I have to be honest & say when I first got the Beckett (named after Stella's youngest son) in the mail my reaction resembled my mom's a lot: "You paid €... for this? Not much to it, is there?" It's one thing to want to build a classic wardrobe of staples & quite another to actually shell out the money for it.

Over the last couple of days I have become so affectionate towards it, though - for all it's humble- and subtleness.

The bag looks all structure & business, but I think it's a lot less so, when actually worn on the person. So it's the best of both worlds, really.

I am not going to pretend I never wear leather etc., but it's obviously quite a nice bonus that ethically and environmentally the bag is a-okay as well.

P.s. Stella recently talked to one of my favorite journalists Vanessa Friedman & the video is quite interesting to watch.

"I was brought up on an organic farm in the countryside and the whole family was vegetarian. So it sort of came without thinking, I guess. But then when it came to my having a career, starting a job and starting a brand in fashion, I guess it wouldn't have sat comfortably with me to be hypocritical. I guess that was the starting point. The seeds were already sown in my personal life, and then they came into my business life."
Stella McCartney (x)

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koko // res pulchrae

Looks to be a great size, and would keep its shape even if you stuffed things in it. Curious to know how the material will "soften" or age. I'm looking for a bag myself, but not very urgently. So far I'm drawn to the baby/nano size Saint Laurent Sac de Jour but I've never spent so much on a handbag.


Absolutely adore the size - it fits a book and all the other essentials, but doesn't completely overshadow me (which is easy 'cause I am tiny, so that's quite important). It'll definitely be interesting to see how the material will develop. Maybe I'll do a post on it in a couple of months. I definitely also went for the Stella McCartney Beckett, because her bag prizes are a lot lower than most other brands - I guess due to them not being real leather. But I can relate to your bag search - took me ages to decide on this one. Anyway, best of luck!

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