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03 May, 2014

there's something about daria

The most individual of all the models, these days Daria hand-picks her jobs & doesn't seem to compromise much. Mind you, after taking time off modeling and crossing the Atlantic in a sailboat girl pretty much has the word 'character' stamped on her face. She got an anchor tattoo as apparently all sailor's do, moved to West Cork in Ireland to live with her carpenter boyfriend, quit drinking and now stays bendy with Ashtanga Yoga. To describe Daria as leggy would be nothing but lazy & yet she is basically the word's incarnation. 

She keeps her face about as minimal as she does her Instagram (no filters, just complete unadorned nature). Her whole being is basically an ode to raw beauty, unequivocal freedom & fierce independence. In that respect she reminds me a lot of Viking shield-maidens

She's also that most-sought after of words: cool & as such seems truly comfortable in her own skin. There's something almost grungy about her. As we all try and emulate her, it certainly doesn't hurt that fashion seems to be going through a '90s phase right now.


"I was so relieved. I was like, I can do and say and be whatever I want now—because I'm 30. There was a lot of surrendering." (x)

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