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10 May, 2014

in love lately, part ii

Lucy Laucht for Waiting for Saturday (x)

 In love lately with:
  • Susie Boyt's column for the Financial Times. She's Lucian Freud's daughter & such a lovely and smart writer.
  • Can't wait for Sam Smith - some call him the male Adele - to release his album In The Lonely Hour on May 26th. His intonation & voice in general make my heart hurt. Especially on Make It To Me & Stay With Me.
  • Hadley Freeman is, as always, spot on - whether it be on Kate Upton or George Clooney. Both of these articles are definitely worth a read.
  • BBC period dramas have such a wonderfully calming effect on me. Especially after a day at work. The Crimson Field - all about nurses serving in the War to End All Wars - has been doing it's magic lately. "This is how you heal. Saltwater and fresh air."
  • This Stella McCartney dress. Lace always.
  • White peach & blackberry tart - will definitely be trying this soon.
  • Reading right now: The Mitford Girls by Mary S. Lovell. My Mitford Sisters obsession has increased tenfold.

"Afterwards I met my lovely long-lost cousin Augusta for a drink in a nearby hotel and from the revolving doors to the bar seven people said, “I love your scarf,” or variations thereof. I went to to the National Gallery wearing it, and I swear no one was looking at the paintings, only at my scarf."
Susie Boyt (x)

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Hadley Freeman is everything. Her book http://www.amazon.co.uk/The-Meaning-Sunglasses-Almost-Fashionable/dp/0141031999 is the best. It's so acerbic and cool! x


I just got "Be Awesome" & am really looking forward to reading it. Will definitely get "The Meaning of Sunglasses" as well though :)

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