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25 May, 2013

splendor is the night

What with working full-time and trying to finish my thesis I am afraid I barely have time for this little space right now. So this is really just a post to say hi! I am alive and well. And ahm, here is a little of what I bought recently. That's it, that's the post. À bientôt.

  1. Nothing annoys me more than handbag-sized wallets. Nothing! So I have been on the lookout for a small, tidy one that still fits everything & has different storage compartments. This Max Mara one fit the bill.
  2. A fellow tea-drinking friend recommended the Kusmi Detox Tea, so I gave into the hype & bought one to sample. Though the price is a little overboard for tea, in my opinion.
  3. So gah-gah over The Great Gatsby at the moment. Somebody needs to invite me to a Gatsby Party á la Baz Luhrmann pronto. As a result, bought Tender is the Night on a whim the other day in the vain hope of transferring the extravagance & decadence of Fitzgerald's world to real life (if only in my head). As always with Fitzgerald - the writing is stunning, the plot barely there.
  4. Chloé perfume & lotion for the soul.

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