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17 September, 2013

burberry prorsum: the ladurée collection


Mind you, that's not what it was officially called - the ladurée collection - but the palette featured in Christopher Bailey's latest show so very much resembled the fluffy macaroons, it only seemed fitting to give it that title.

"I wanted this kind of idea of an English rose garden. There are all these very dusky, gentle, soft colours and then all of a sudden you'll see a spiky, very red rose in the middle of it, so that's why I kept throwing in these little pops."
Christopher Bailey (x)

"The pretty collection was colored like the tiles in a 1950s suburban dream bathroom—soft sky blue, eau de nil, lilac, coral, and lingerie pinks pinks. There was something that suggested the 1950s suburban dream girl in the fluffy knits (as outerwear) and lacy pencil skirts, too." (x)

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