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01 October, 2013

the modern muse

How dreamy is this Estée Lauder short film providing insight into Arizona Muse's life, who is the star of their current perfume campaign.

A lovelier-than-thou picnic scene with her closest friends dressed in pink and white in London, sitting on the steps of a New York apartment, being chauffeured around in a cab with nice old leather seats, rhapsodizing about childhood holidays spent at her grandparents house picking strawberries, strolling the Massachusetts pastures with her horse and cherubic son Nico in hand, spending tender moments on a white wooden porch with her family.
No, it wouldn't hurt to be the soft-spoken Arizona Grace Muse - a name she didn't like as a child. "It was a big name for a little girl." These days, however, it perfectly encapsulates her work as a modern muse. 

"To see a world in a grain of sand 
And a heaven in a wild flower, 
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand, 
And eternity in an hour."
excerpt from Auguries of Innocence, by William Blake

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@Joy: I wasn't a big fan of her at all, but she comes across so wonderfully in this little film that I'll definitely keep more of an eye out for her :)

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