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22 November, 2013

valentino acqua floreale

 "Valentina possesses the multifaceted and unconventional allure of a sophisticated modern woman who adores the spotlight, but also loves the sumptuous shadows of her ancestral palazzo and the enveloping, reassuring embrace of ancient frescoed rooms and secret gardens.

Acqua Floreale is like a leisurely stroll in the midst of nature, immersed in the sensual and exciting fragrances of a summer garden.

Limpid summer mornings and sunny Roman gardens are also evoked through the bottle design with its light nuances and transparencies." (x)

"In 1964 a client gave Valentino what he calls “the biggest gift of my life.” Jacqueline Kennedy bought six of his couture dresses, all in black and white, to wear during her year of mourning after J.F.K.’s death."
So Very Valentino, by Matt Tyrnauer

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