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06 January, 2015

how to be

As well as these, brought to you by Russh:
Make a mess and call it art.
Do something once a day that makes you sweat.

Never answer the telephone.
Send texts with striking irregularity.

Follow when someone says, “Come with me, I have things to show you”.
Invite friends to dinner but serve only cocktails.

Take chances, then let them change your life.
Plan illicit adventures. Whether you go through with them is not the point…

Bask in the tropical climate of lust. 
Always leave a room better than when you found it. 
Don’t be shy of rearranging other people’s flowers or furniture. 
Wear your swimmers into the supermarket to soak up the air-conditioning. 
Midnight club dancing. Do it on a Wednesday. 
Learn to look good when you wink. 
Make a new friend – much older or younger – and invite yourself over to listen to their music. 
Be a gorgeous mess of chaos. 
Leave notes on your friend’s windscreen so they think they have a secret admirer. 
Go naked whenever possible. 
Live in the knowledge there’s always one love to save you from another. 
Eat an awful lot of fruit. 
Sleep at times you’d normally be awake. 
Take up fainting. It’s the quickest way to exit a room when you are bored. 
Have a secret life mapped out so you’ll always feel you have somewhere else to go. 
Buy a dog and call him Peaches. Pets must have style too. 
Order wine with your lunch. 
Take a holiday but don’t tell anyone where you are going. 
If you’re staying at home, tell everyone you’ve gone to Mexico and eat tacos for a week on your own. 
Know it’s never too late to dress like Yoko Ono. 
Talk less, kiss more. Obviously. 
Forget to take your vitamins. 
Do not open your laptop until January 5. 
Write thank you’s to the people who have made a difference to your year. 
Read a book start to finish all in one day. 
When you’re in trouble, shrug. 
Find new erogenous zones. 
Wear the same salty T-shirt all summer long. 
Take a risk on what may hurt you. 
Laugh uncontrollably at the things you really find funny. 
Send a festive card to someone you’d like to know. 
Fight only with the ones you love, but always fight to win. 
Cut the chord on the television. 
Remember you are born to run. 
When it rains, look for rainbows. 
Put your wildest fantasies down in a diary as though they happened then leave them for someone to find. Blush every time you think about it. 
Start wearing lipstick like your mum wore. 
Consider that you will not look back on the mornings you woke up fresh and clean. 
Break hearts daily but not on purpose. 
Don’t expect to think about him every moment of the day. 
Remember that one of the Beatles said, “Before Elvis there was nothing”. 
Learn from the stories of old people. 
Know that everything will work out, just maybe not today.
Plan the perfect holiday with someone special, then break-up with spectacular impact. 
Send a stranger a drink from across the bar. 
Don’t grow up, it’s a trap.
Be an adventurer. 
Write down all the reasons it’s going to work this time. Forget all the others.

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