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10 January, 2016


"There are no ‘squad goals’ here, just the real deal of family domesticity."
- Issue 67: Editor's Letter, by Jess Blanch (x)

"Every American story begins in innocence and never stops mourning the loss of it."
Joan Didion (x)

"His girls tend to reflect the stages he's going through. (...) His only trouble is that women are people, not stages."
- Roger Ebert reviewing Annie Hall (x)

"It's like all these chemicals that get released in your brain: serotonin, endorphins, dopamine. They link to your brain and help you fall for a person's smell and their energy. You get stoned with the idea of falling in love."
- Gaspar Noé (x)

“It was a difficult transition,” she continued. “Going from one view of sex to the other in a single day.”

"Growing up, I thought often about becoming a nun: that’s how much I wanted God. But no matter how I emptied myself, I couldn’t feel him. He was my first heartbreak, my first unrequited love."
- Postpartum, by Stephanie Grant for The New Yorker (x)

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