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01 February, 2016

blue vs. red

"With typical Li logic, she says she feels that she has become younger as she has grown older. “For about 28 years [her age now], I thought I was 45. And now I’ve started to go backwards. For the first time I’m aware that I’m actually quite young, but it’s almost too late as I’m not even that young anymore. So I feel a bit stressed out that I kind of missed my youth. Now I just want to do everything – I want to live life and make art and make love.”"
- Lykke Li (x)

"I’m 27 now. A lot of people talk about how getting older makes them sadder and that this age is often something intense. (...) It’s a time when you can’t really blame everything on youth anymore."
- Lykke Li (x)

"A city becoming, a woman becoming. The pathetic fallacy runs strong in Berlin, as my Irish friend Louise would say; anyone can borrow this city and its wounds as set design. "
- Berlin, An Anti-Romance (x)

"Best piece of professional advice you’ve ever received?
Don’t complain. There’s a great chapter in Ben Horowitz’s book called The Hard Thing About Hard Things called “Nobody Cares” and he talks about how he was running Netscape and one of his investors looks at him one day and tells him, “Ben, nobody cares—just do your job.” You can make a million excuses for why something didn’t go well, but ultimately, just fix it and get on with it. Be a solutions person."
- Emily Weiss (x)

"I usually wash my face right when I wake up because I need to let everything soak in which makes this a lengthy process. I get up much earlier than I need to and will sit in my robe and marinate while drinking coffee before I actually make any noticeable progress that an outsider can see."
- Dana Schwartz, Into the Gloss (x)

Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are (x)

"...denen draußen der Regen aufs Styling nieselt, die niemand sofort erkannt hat und die sich nun "einen Augenblick gedulden" müssen. Die Tragik der Generation Gästeliste bei drei Grad über null."
- (x)

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