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30 December, 2012

faded and worn

The clothes featured in Never Let Me Go can only be described as drab, really. But what with all the wool & corduroy it seems rather fitting for this time of year. Set on the British coast, the movie can also be described as one long Barbour ad (x), thanks to the wellies & rain coats worn. There is also the whole boarding school setting to it though & as such stiff collars abound as well. Mostly though, it's a big blob of grey, moss green, burgundy & beige.

“There are no shiny, new objects in the film.  Everything is faded and worn and hand-me-down.  This is where the idea of Wabi Sabi came in. There is always a sense of time ticking, ticking, ticking.  We were careful to put clocks and watches in nearly every scene, because the story is so much about the passage of time and the preciousness of time.  We tried to do that with sound design as well – it’s not just clocks that mark the passage of time but the wind and rhythms of nature as well.” 
Mark Romanek

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