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28 December, 2012

wardrobe essentials

  1. Pearls - I don't even take them off at night anymore, which makes it easier not to forget about putting them on in the morning.
  2. Chanel Rouge Noir & a nice transparent nail polish
  3. LBD - For going out, fancy dinners, weddings etc.
  4. Well-cut blazers - Blazers are the love of my life. End.
  5. Black & blue jeans
  6. Peacoat
  7. Simple black heels, flats & low boots
  8. Comme des Garcons clutch
  9. Shoulder bag - main criteria: must fit a large book.
  10. Dotted scarf - In the winter time I even wear my scarf indoors.
  11. Watch from Seiko - Can't afford Cartier so this one has to do.
  12. Simple black & white shirt
  13. Marinière shirt from Petit Bateau

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