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03 March, 2013

an english rose

After an especially sun-poor winter, I hope wherever you live it's a most gorgeous day.
What the soul, or at least mine does, needs right now is the first steps of a little spring cleaning.
Bach's Inventions tend to help in that regard. Or some light pasta does the trick as well.

Most importantly, though, it is the perfect time for that whole English Rose look.
A time when you haven't yet tanned & still have that fair complexion left over from winter,
with the one exception of a bit of a rosy blush to the cheeks. It is a modest kind of beauty.

The prevalent colors being the one's featured in John Singer Sargent's portraits of his slightly mysterious ladies of sensibility & their lavender-powdered cleavages.
Add to that a well-mannered demeanor, a good heart & decorum no matter the situation,
and you're well on your way to living la vie en rose.

Hope all of you have a lovely spring!

(The quote is from Great Expectations, by Charles Dickens & the pictures are from The Gentlewoman.)

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