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22 March, 2013

fine weather

White tulips with tea and a book; strawberries in deliciously rich & ridiculously heavy cream.

"An immense joy came over her. It was indescribable. It had nothing to do with humanity, and most resembled the all-pervading happiness of fine weather. Fine weather is due to the sun, but Margaret could think of no central radiance here. She stood in his drawing-room happy, and longing to give happiness. On leaving him she realized that the central radiance had been love."
Howard's End, by E.M. Forster

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that forster quote is one of my favourites. it's funny I never think of myself as 'loving' forster like I do other British novelists of his ilk/generation, like Evelyn Waugh... but I actually love every single one of his books - even maurice (maybe especially maurice!) - and there are so many scenes and passages from forster books that resonate so strongly with me. This one, that bit from a room with a view with lucy opens up the window and looks onto florence's streets, that bit in where angels fear to tread when harriet says that the people in the country drank wine and were beautiful... there's something about the way he writes! I want to re-read howards end now. x

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