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22 March, 2013

next time you're in paris

Delicate jewellery & perfectly manicured hands - what's not to love?!
Essie's All Tied Up has been a huge favorite of mine lately in the nail polish department.
In the jewellery department, I still wear this Oui ring a lot, as well as this watch by Seiko.
From Pierre Caron in Paris, I have a wonderful tiny pearl necklace & a very simple bracelet I practically never take off. Next time you're in Paris, definitely stop by there (52, rue des Archives) - it's the kind of place where you have to ring to be let in, but they are perfectly nice & helpful.

(Picture by The Edit)
P.s. I discovered Pierre Caron thanks to Cecilia, who showed me the place when I met her in Paris last year.

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your picks are so on point. i want to let you know i'm so glad i found your blog. i thought only your tumblr existed. while your tumblr is fine i love reading your original thoughts here on this platform.

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