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24 October, 2014

'60s beatniks

I've been loving the '60s lately. I mean really, really loving the '60s.
And the '60s I am talking about here are the cigarette-drenched, poetry-fueledbeatnik '60s.
(As opposed to the all-colourful Swinging Sixties, which I am also super into right now, but that's another post entirely.)

Maybe it's because I'm turning 25 next year or because traveling 
 has reawakened my adventurous side, but I feel like experimenting again. Like getting away from that traditional wannabe-French uniform I've been aiming at for the last couple of years. 

And instead to try something new. Dyeing my hair blonde (the hairdresser talked me out if it, but the intention was there - that counts, right?!) or getting my nose pierced (I want to so bad). Even though that's the absolute opposite of who or what I've been trying to be for the last couple of years. 

I guess mostly it comes down to that most insidious of diseases: boredom. Now that I have a proper job, a steady income etc. etc. I need my clothes to challenge me again. I need them to be exciting. To dare me to able to carry them off. And to let me sulk a little. Let me have my own personal quarter-life crisis.

The '60s beatnik wardrobe is still very basic, nothing too out of this world. A lot of black. But it is made interesting by the materials.

Hence, the following purchases as of late: a puke green PVC rain coat, a fringe bag, a leopard coat, a Bella Freud sweater, a turtleneck & a suede popper skirt.
Now all that's left I need is "long hair, long legs and a long cool stare."
Well, I'd also like the classic Stuart Weitzman 50/50 boots, pretty please. Kate and Olivia look so good in them.

These kinds of outfits might not always come together perfectly, but that thing that's a little off, that little something wrong you actually can put a finger on for once - that's exactly what makes or breaks them. 

And what better inspiration than original cool girl Francoise Hardy.

"She was the ultimate pin-up of most hip, Chelsea, beat bedroom walls, and I know for a fact that many of the groups who were notorious and slowly becoming successful, such as the Rolling Stones, Brian Jones and Mick Jagger, John Lennon, Paul McCartney and many others were desperately interested in having Françoise Hardy become their girlfriend in some way."
- Malcom McLaren (x)

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That Ginsberg sweater is so dreamy, but these days it seems like everyone has it:( I am also on a 60s high these days, although not the beatniks as much perhaps? I never could pull that look off. But I do love chelsea boots, paisley mens silk scarves, my inherited 60s fur, trousers that are just a tad too short (to show of the boots...) and corduroy. Lots and lots of corduroy. Thats my take on the 60s at any rate;) I think I prefer how Dylan dresses, compared to the women he surrounded himself with, though. But if I had the legs for it, I would totally rock a mini skirt with knee boots!


Hi, what's the colour of Chanel nail varnish you used in this collage?

Thank you for your answer in advance ;)

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