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14 October, 2014

t magazine in paris


Two wonderful features from the T Magazine archive - both Paris-based.
What's not to like?
Lee Radziwill on Paris
"You know, Paris — well, at least this part of it — has hardly changed since Jackie and I first came here in 1951. We were so young! It was the first time we felt really close, carefree together, high on the sheer joy of getting away from our mother; the deadly dinner parties of political bores, the Sunday lunches for the same people that lasted hours, Jackie and I not allowed to say a word." (x)

Sofia Coppola on Paris
"You naturally feel a connection to certain places, and, for me, Paris is one of them. I would look at my parents’ French friends and think, That’s what you’re supposed to be like when you grow up." (x)

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