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27 March, 2014

audrey classic pyjamas

Finally got around to watching Charade & immediately fell in deep lust with Reggie Lampert's navy silk bathrobe. 
I recalled seeing something similar on the interwebs before and lo and behold -
Poplin, pyjama-maker extraordinaire, has a pair of pyjamas titled "Audrey Classic Pyjamas" that very much resemble Audrey's characters bathrobe.
I am also a super huge fan of their "Bardot Classic Pyjama" & the "Indochine Classic Pyjamas". 

By chance, they are having a Mother's Day sale at the moment.
To get 25% off one simply has to enter "makemamasmile" at the checkout.
As Cary Grant's character says to Audrey's: "How about making me vice president in charge of cheering you up?"
And I think these pyjamas will do just that.

Their Instagram account is worth a look as well.

P.s.: I wrote everything of my own accord. Nothing sponsored here.

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I love these too! I saw in some pictures of her that she wore them off screen as well.

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