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27 March, 2014

if money grew on trees

(Click on the picture for details.)

  1. Charming new blog: Waiting for Saturday - a website dedicated to off-duty style.
  2. 12 must-see fashion documentaries: Watched McQueen & I last night. Nothing terribly new, but still - it was nice to be reminded of some of his (more scandalous) collections.
  3. Beyond in love with the Honor pants pictured above, after seeing them on Vogue Turkey's Konca Aykan.
  4. Also crying myself to sleep at night over the fact that I don't own this shagreen jewelry box by Aerin Lauder.
  5. And if somebody were to randomly throw some money at me on the street, I would also buy these two books: Swans - Legends of the Jet Society & Chloé: Attitudes.

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