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17 March, 2014

shoes so stripped back and ordinary

Five months of traveling in warmer climates, armed with only the bare essentials assembled in a backpack does something to one's sense of clothing. Where once much thought was put into the day's wardrobe, while traveling only the no-brainers, the uncomplicated pieces of clothing survive. All others - the ones with too many buttons, the delicate pieces, tops you have to iron - have to go! One simply grabs the first clean dress one finds, steps into one's sandals and heads out the door. And so lately, unfussiness in clothing has once again become the ultimate for me.

Many a place you will go in Southeast Asia one finds shoes strewn about the front door, as they are to be taken off as a sign of respect. This can get a bit tedious with more complicated footwear. Add to that nights of drunkenly fighting with a heel strap & buckle and suddenly a mule, or the slip-on sandal seems the most elegant solution to the scenario. 

And don't they seem almost cheeky in their carelessness? These are shoes so stripped back and ordinary, the wearer can't but be blasé about them. They are the kinds of shoes you don't store away in your cupboard, but stand ready at the door for when you are once again hurrying out the door and simply putting on the tried, tested & proven. And as with the simple white shirt, nothing could be sexier than that added bit of nonchalance.

"The shape has endured because it makes women move in a very sensual way. The backless design requires more balance and poise. Even the sound they make is seductive. That flirtatious little click clack, tip tap - how divine!"
Manolo Blahnik on Mules in Porter, Issue 1

"There’s something so easy about a mule. It’s almost like a flip-flop. You just throw it on, almost like an afterthought, but at the same time, it’s these beautiful leather or suede stilettos, in natural, gorgeous tones. So it’s a nice contradiction of this stompy kind of shoe, but with a delicacy and elegance.”
Vanessa Traina (x)

Céline (alternative: Zara) | NewbarK

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