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06 July, 2014

in love lately, part iii

Kate Moss and Lucian Freud, photographed by David Dawson (x)
  1. Loved the short, but poignant Freud's Naked Truths.  Large Interior W11 has got to be one of my favorite paintings.

  2. Read My Salinger Year over the weekend - this is a rather lovely interview with the author: "When I ring her bell one dank morning in May, she must skip downstairs to greet me – something she does barefoot, the skirt of her primrose broderie anglaise dress gathered girlishly in her hands."

  3. On The Libertines reunion: "Whether you find their inability to play charming or pathetic is really a test of how much you buy into the rest of their shtick."

  4. Reading The Lady in Gold right now, as I saw parts of the movie being filmed in Vienna last week. Am only 85 pages in, but absolutely adore it already.

  5. Music: The 1975's Settle Down & Gorgon City's Here For You & Tove Lo's Habits (Stay High).

  6. "That’s always the worst: When you’ve made up your mind about your life and your happiness in it, but something comes around to persuade you otherwise." (x)

  7. "Of course they’re very beautiful, but they’re also posh and that tells us a lot about how the fashion world’s harking back to the old British class system at the moment." (x)

  8. Favorite model of the moment: Amanda Murphy.

  9. Loving Candice Swanepoel's South African accent: "You’d be surprised that ten years of milking cows actually prepared me for this." (x)


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