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01 July, 2014

sweetness and light


If chocolate was only a theoretical concept instead of a reality, the world would be the saddest of places & I wouldn't need to work out, because I would no longer "magically" put on weight. Or as Sophie Dahl put it, I would be a slip shadow of a creature.

Thankfully, God is not so cruel & we live in a world where chocolate abounds. However, sweets come with their own set of problems - mainly that, while never exactly popular, sugar is now basically considered poison. In fact, a whole movement has developed around this assumption.
And rather brilliantly for all of us food and fashion lovers, who need a model to jump on the bandwagon first, Daisy Lowe has just released a sugar-free treats cookbook

While I could happily eat one pot kale & quinoa pilaf (I have mine with goat cheese & home-made sun-dried tomatoes) for the rest of my life, my sweet tooth tends to get in the way of my perfect imaginary eating habits. 
And already intrigued by Miranda Kerr's healthy chocolate recipe, I was happy to hear about this project - especially after seeing videos of Daisy making four of the recipes. Because once you have all the ingredients, the actual baking & making of the sweets doesn't look all to complicated.

As with all the model & celebrity diets, though, I would say that most of the ingredients aren't your run-of-the-mill supermarket products. I would hazard that most of the ingredients can only be found in health food shops & as such, will come with the matching price tag. 

Written by a model with "one of the country's most delectable figures & the best manners in London", obviously some people will roll their eyes at this cookbook. It's the #youdidnoteatthat syndrome - sugar-free they may be, but it's hard to imagine Daisy Lowe wolfing down (sugar-free) peanut butter cookies. But mind you, she does go the gym regularly. And as she says herself, compared to other models Daisy's still got quite the bum & thighs.

While I have been trying to eat healthier in general, I've given up on cutting out cheeky treats & am absolutely loving rice cakes with almond butter and adore, adore, adore Raw Bites (God, especially coconut) at the moment. I have found it's the only way I can stick to eating (at least) relatively well.

The cookbook is on its way to my doorstep right now & if you're not convinced yet, check out these videos of Daisy baking. However, even with her partially raw, vegan, gluten- or sugar-free treats, one should, of course, keep the all-famous proverb "eating in moderation" in mind. A lesson, I definitely still have to learn when it comes to sweets.

P.s.: Internet reading suggestion - Teenage Girls Are Using Instagram To Fix Their Unhealthy Relationship With Food

"Under a blanket of virtue I had consumed raw food in spades, wantonly pretending that epic amounts of nuts and avocados doused in honey with dates on top were good for me just as long as it was all raw." 
Sophie Dahl (x)

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She always looks amazing. As I say, everything in moderation — even moderation.

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