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31 July, 2014

summertime, and the dressing is easy


Reformation makes dresses. The right kind. The ones that fit the bill.
Out of surplus fabric & repurposed vintage clothing.  
Dresses such as described below,
or at least dresses that possess the potential to become some such well-loved pieces.
And if you're wondering whose wearing them. Everyone.

Now all that's missing are the carefree summers of years past. A past, "in which young people are not performing or striving, but simply larking around, at the swimming pool, skateboarding, or riding motorbikes." (x) To read by the pool side? Tigers in Red Weather.

"On warm days I want a charming dress with washed-out fabric that makes you think of a contented sigh. I like soft clothes, seaside-y garments, plaid shirts, a floral print faded to an almost colourless hue, carefree pieces to loll and lark in. I don’t look to summer clothes for ballast or armour. In fact, I like garments that from a distance seem as though they might have been made from tablecloths. (...)

For evenings, in summer, I like a milkmaid de luxe look with a bit of springy lace or broderie anglaise. (...)

I like the idea of a dress whose fabric has turned ombre or puckered like seersucker due to paddling in the sea, or being pushed into a swimming pool. I like the idea of well-mended clothes with a cheerful zigzag of darning over a rip from a pebbly bike ride. I like the look of checks on a once-crisp summer skirt that have bled into each other because you handwashed it in a hotel basin, ignoring the dry-clean-only label. I like garments so well-loved and laundered that they are approaching their last legs and are worn with a consciousness that there will only be four or five more chances."

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