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28 July, 2014

purchases lately

  1. After seeing Charlotte Casiraghi prancing around in similar Gucci loafers, I tried them on in the store - not expecting to like them as much as I did - and immediately had to have them. They don't look as mannish on the foot as they do just by themselves and fit my foot perfectly. They feel almost tailored.

  2. Had to have these Zara shoes after seeing Linn Hagglund wearing them with the most perfectly washed out, straight-legged jeans. Loved the original Christian Louboutin ones that (I guess) Zara copied. They looked so wonderfully classy on Mariacarla Boscono.

  3. Bought this washed silk Equipment shirt on sale at Net-A-Porter. And it's so super soft, I just want to wear it around the house all day & roll around in it.

  4. Same goes for the white H&M blouse. Love the way it falls, especially.

  5. Super excited to read Tonne Goodman's interview with Industrie & what's not to love about tennis sweaters and knit polos as worn by the Seven Sisters back in the day.

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